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What can M. Holland do for your product development?

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Our in-house 3D printing Parts Lab is ideal for injection molders, industrial manufacturers, consumer products makers, tool and die shops, and any company producing up to 250,000 parts/month with plastic or metal. We guarantee we will find the best solutions and fastest production for the job.  Every job is unique. When you can trust a partner, you can truly collaborate when you need ideas — and trust that production will happen when you need something fast.

What can we do for your business?

We offer a large range of industrial 3D printing services: prototypes, parts, emergency parts and tooling. We also partner with customers for innovation and overall design and manufacturing with 3D printing. We consult on how to incorporate 3D into manufacturing and can advise on printer selection, workflow, materials and how to design with 3D printing in mind. Materials questions? Ask us. We have tested hundreds of materials and can perform testing for extended TDS.

Filament sale — through 12/31/22

Spools are on sale. Save 10% on 3+ spools. Use discount code: TAKE 10.

Or, save 5% when you buy two spools. Enter code: TAKEFIVE at check out.

Filament sale — through 12/31/22

Spools are on sale. Save 10% on 3+ spools. Use discount code: TAKE 10.

Or, save 5% when you buy two spools. Enter code: TAKEFIVE at check out.

"With the right technology partner, anyone can become a leader in 3D printing and start innovating."

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Our Parts Lab: Nearly 100 printers and over 300 platforms for filament


3D Printing • CNC Machining • Engineering and Design Support • Managed Services • Training Programs • SLS 3D • FDM • SLA • MJF • DMLS • Carbon Fiber Reinforced • Rapid Tooling • Prototypes & Large Prototypes • Large formats available, larger than 48" by 48". New max print sizes: FDM: 48”x 48”x 42” SLA: 25.6”x 29.5”x 10.8” PBF: 13.4”x 13.4”x 23.6”
Parts Lab

Print with Us

Get parts as soon as same-day or next-day with our in-house parts lab. Take advantage of CNC machining, SLS 3D, FDM, DMLS, laser cutting, polymer manufacturing and other great services! We specialize in working with injection molders, tool & die companies and manufacturers of any size. Our solutions can help with supply chain interruption — find out if your part is viable for 3D printing.
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Braskem PP Bundle

Check out our newest bundle, Braskem Polypropylene + Magigoo Bundle (1.75mm). Get 3 spools of Braskem polypropylene and 1 Magigoo Pro PP and save $41! Print with success! Available in two diameters.

We Print Parts, Prototypes, Tooling, Emergency Parts and More

Contact your M. Holland account manager about printer selection advice, consulting, training, installation and education. We are Open Platform and can provide unbiased recommendations for the best solutions for your company. We are a perfect fit for injection molders as a partner for innovation. There is no limit to what you can do with the right technology partner. See our About Us page to meet some of our team.

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See our team's 3D news, tips, guides and tricks about everything that surrounds industrial 3D printing. For a more complete selection of tips and tricks, please visit our educational website.