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AM Polymers ROLASERIT® PP Powder 20kg


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Polypropylene – PP

Low material costs are easy on your wallet
Compared to the standard PA12 and PA11, polypropylene stands out in particular due to its excellent chemical resistance at a low density and lower material costs.
AM POLYMERS has been offering PP in various versions since 2017. It is harder and more heat resistant than PE and easy to process on all machines, thus meeting your specific requirements in the best possible way.

ROLASERIT® PP01 can be used for a wide range of applications, from simple casings, ventilation systems, parts for household appliances or liquid containers to functionally integrated elements.
ROLASERIT® PP01 is the first PP type commercialized by AM POLYMERS. It is characterized by processing properties comparable to PA12 and PA11. The material is processable on all machine types. Unlike other PP materials, handling with a blade is unproblematic.
The costs of this material are significantly lower than the prices of usual standard materials, so that its use offers economic advantages for many component groups but also for prototypes.

Perfect quality
PP01 has a low tendency to curl and warp, making it easy to set up a robust processing.
Components made of PP01 have good mechanical properties and, in contrast to many other new material developments for powder bed fusion, exhibit ductile part behavior with elongations at break exceeding 30%. The fracture behavior corresponds to that of PA12, with the otherwise typical characteristics of PP.
Young's modulus [N/mm²]: 820
Tensile strength [N/mm²]: 18
Elongation at break in %: > 30