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Innovation with AM

We specialize in applications for injection molders, blow molding and other plastics processors.


Jumpstart your knowledge and innovation with Additive Manufacturing when you choose a partner like M. Holland.


There is no one size fits all. There are plenty of white papers, research and DIY videos online about 3D Printing and consumer 3D printers. But there is a void for trustworthy information for industrial manufacturing and production regarding 3D Printing. And there is an even bigger void for unbiased recommendations.

We know that every 3D project and customer is unique. We help companies like yours find the best solutions to innovate with additive manufacturing.


Markets we serve: We specialize in applications for injection molders, tool & die companies and plastics processors. We also serve: architectural, automotive, aerospace, consumer products, electric vehicle, medical, consumer electronics, military and more.


With a 3D Printing Consulting Partner, You Can Truly Innovate and Answer These Questions:

  • Will 3D Printing replace low volume injection molding?
  • How can I protect my molding business against 3D Printing production?
  • What can Additive Manufacturing do for our company?
  • How do we get started with AM?
  • Which parts are a fit for 3D printing?
  • How can we fast track prototypes and product development?
  • How does 3D Printing reduce manufacturing hours?
  • How can we take advantage of Rapid Tooling?
  • Can we save costs in materials with AM?
  • How do we contract this type of work or bring it in-house?
  • What kind of staffing is needed for 3D Printing?
  • How can we become a leader in product development?
  • How can we go to market faster?


"Any company can become a technology leader in AM, and go to market faster, with the right partner and the right education," --Haleyanne Freedman

Our company enables innovation with additive manufacturing, whether you want to build your capabilities in-house or use our contract Parts Lab. If you are thinking about building this capability in-house, here are some factors to consider:

1. Which method of 3D Printing should you adopt?

2. How many 3D printers do you need?

3. What kind of training is necessary?

3. How can I achieve a faster ROI?

4. Which materials do I need?

5. Which secondary operations are necessary?

Innovate here with 3D Partnerships. We dedicate experts, time, printers and materials to your company each month

Ask us about 3D Collaboration Partnerships today. 3D Partnerships have scheduled work time each month with M. Holland team members who are 100% dedicated to your success.


EXPERIENCE. The leading thermoplastics distributor for 70+ years. We know thousands of manufacturers of every size and how to help you succeed. We specialize in applications for injection molding, blow molding and other plastics processors.

TRUST. Trust may be the most important factor in choosing M. Holland as a partner to collaborate on AM. It pays to have a partner on stand-by every day for your needs.

TALENT. We have the talent, space and resources to help manufacturers innovate with 3D

OPEN SOURCE. There is no bias towards any one printer, material or brand.

FULL SUITE OFFERING. We offer solutions for part production, prototyping, consulting, printer selection, education, installation and training for hundreds of additive solutions.

BROAD PERSPECTIVE. We offer real-world experience and views for a variety of industrial applications. We can bring immediate results when we collaborate with customers.

INNOVATION. Go to market faster with rapid prototyping, rapid tooling, design with full 3D printing optimization, samples, emergency parts, workflows and process improvement, ROI analysis, materials testing and more.

OUR FACILITIES. M. Holland has three facilities for 3D Printing. We have the talent, resources and software to help you succeed and profit with AM.

Why partner with M. Holland?


You can trust M. Holland. We listen and recommend the very best solution for our customers, including the optimum 3D printers and materials for our customers’ specific needs. We are printer-agnostice and the only unbiased consultancy for Additive Manufacturing solutions. It's hard to trust a company which makes and sells printers to tell you which solution is right for you. M. Holland provides honest feedback, recommendations and complimentary printer selection services to every customer.



Trust is the most important factor in a partnership, and it's one of M. Holland's core values.



Our team is led by Haleyanne Freedman, Market Director and Engineering Consultant


We offer consulting packages for every need, including one-day or hours-based consulting, as well as 6- and 12-month partnership agreements for injection molders, tool & die companies and industrial manufacturers. We collaborate with your team to innovate and profit from AM. We ensure confidentiality and security, and provide technical consulting, monthly project hours, simulation for your parts, optimized design, etc. We ensure we have the printers, materials and staff ready, on-call. Ask us about these collaborative 3D Partnerships today with your M. Holland sales representative or contact our team directly, below:


What can you do with 3D? (More than you may think.) Schedule a Consultation or Visit Today.

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