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Customized 3D Printers

Finally print the way you want to print, with materials you choose.

Get the Best Solutions with a Customized 3D Printer

Open platform 3D printers are taking the industry by storm, with sizable advantages and advances in materials for industrial 3D printing. 3D isn’t just for prototypes anymore. The technology has moved well beyond prototyping and is a viable manufacturing process for production runs of up to 250,000 parts per year.

With M. Holland, we’ll work on finding the best possible solution for your 3D Printing needs. We are not aligned with any specific printing manufacturer, so you’re guaranteed to find the best solution at the most competitive price.

Need to print large parts(above 12in x 12in)? Custom 3D printers may be right for you. Work with M. Holland on designing a customized 3D printer to print the perfect materials for your exact applications.

Closed platform printers allow you to print only with their approved materials. With open platform, you can print just about any material from any manufacturer, creating thousands of options.

M. Holland’s unique value proposition is our unbiased 3D printer selection service. We don't advise you to talk to a printer reseller about which 3D Printer to buy. Talk to trusted, unbiased users and experts on the technology, like M. Holland. Our complimentary service is performed by our additive experts who have over a decade of combined experience in 3D Printing. Our knowledge and experience with hundreds of different printers, materials and applications makes M. Holland’s service unparalleled; our relationships with 3D printer manufacturers across the globe, is invaluable as you innovate with 3D.

With M. Holland, we can explain the advantages of each open platform machine, and collaborate with you on designing a customized 3D printer for your exact applications.

One strategic area of our 3D printing consulting practice is printer selection advice. Our knowledge of 3D applications and printers, and printer advantages, and our relationships with 3D printer manufacturers across the globe can prove to be invaluable to you as you innovate with 3D.

With our expertise in additive manufacturing and 70-year history in resins, M. Holland is the ideal partner for consulting on 3D printing. We will be with you each step from initial discussion to build and training. We can even help design customized materials.

Customized 3D Printers with M. Holland

Featured here is a customized 3D printer installed at a customer location, in a bright yellow for maximum show factor in their office. M. Holland can consult on designing a custom FDM 3D printer for your business.

  • Take advantage of our experience and relationships with 3D printer manufacturers; we are the perfect partner to help you design a 3D printer specific to your applications
  • Custom materials can be designed and sourced
  • M. Holland offers installation and training for customized 3D printers

Benefit from expertise

With major technology advancements made in AM over the last five years, there are many more choices for printers and materials. With patent expiration in the additive industry, printer prices have drastically dropped in recent years. 2 ft x 2 ft printers can be as low as $15,000.

Ask about how to partner with us and get started.

Top Reasons to Print with a Customized 3D Printer

Custom Dimensions

You need larger formats (larger than 12 x 12") and/or custom dimensions.


Commercially available printers are expensive and have limitations.

Custom Materials

You are printing with materials outside of PLA (PP, HDPE, PA).

Unique Requirements

You have unique requirements (i.e., flexible materials, 3 nozzle heads, etc.).

Factors to Consider When Customizing a 3D Printer

Maintenance, training and finish of product are all factors to consider. How much maintenance is required for the machine, and who will do it? How will we train our team? And what is the finish of the final product, and what materials do we need to print to achieve it? M. Holland can consult on all of these decisions.

Maintenance: Why wait for a technician? Service machines on-site and internally, or utilize a service technician of your choosing.

Training: Design trainings made for you with M. Holland's training and certification program.

Customize 3D Printers with M. Holland Company

“After working in closed platform printers early in my career, there is nothing better than being able to use custom printing solutions to effectively solve our customer’s unique applications. The cost savings and functionality are truly unparalleled, and I’m so glad we can bring this solution to our customers."

– Haleyanne Freedman, Market Manager

Choosing a consulting partner is the largest factor in your success with 3D. M. Holland can assist you in creating your ideal machine profile and help choose the correct 3D printer manufacturer and the correct materials.

Why Customize an FDM Printer?


Custom formats, costs, material selection and other unique requirements are all valid reasons to customize.

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) is a method of 3D printing known for its speed, accuracy, and competitive cost. FDM is also known for the biggest variety of colors and largest selection of production-grade thermoplastics for 3D printing.

An FDM machine precisely extrudes melted plastic filament to create a part. FDM parts can be made quickly, usually in just one day. FDM materials tend to be general purpose ABS/ASA and high performing polycarbonates are an option.