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Any company can become a technology leader in Additive Manufacturing with the right partner. That partner is M. Holland.


TRUST.  M. Holland is a leader and long-time, 70+ years distributor of thermoplastics. We understand and know thousands of injection molders and manufacturers, and we know how to help you succeed. We’ve made a commitment to exploring innovation in manufacturing with 3D printing and open platforms. It is a service to our existing, valued U.S. customers and other companies who are looking to go to market faster with 3D printing. 3D printing can help you go to market faster; it can bring time savings, materials savings and savings in manufacturing hours.


We consult and offer turn-key solutions for customers in custom injection molding, caps & closures, automotive, industrial, packaging, architecture, retail packaging and more. Get to know our method for innovation and meet our team. Why not learn, and innovate, with us?


We specialize in applications for custom injection molders and other plastics processors. With a 3D printing consulting partner like M. Holland, you can truly innovate and find answers to these questions:

  • What can 3D Printing do for our company?
  • How do I get started with learning about AM?
  • Which parts are a fit for 3D Printing?
  • How can we fast track prototypes and product development?
  • How can we take advantage of Rapid Tooling? Or emergency parts?
  • Can we save costs in materials with 3D?
  • Can we customize an FDM 3D Printer and customize the materials, too?
  • How can we get to market faster?

Choosing a 3D Printer is Difficult

How do you know you are choosing the right solution?

Selecting a 3D printer is difficult; there are hundreds of options. We've seen data that shows 65 percent of companies overspend or purchase the wrong 3D equipment. It's nearly impossible to select the ideal printer without hundreds of hours of research and expertise.

You could potentially waste tens of thousands of dollars on the wrong solution. M. Holland can help.

Our team tests dozens of printers each year to provide our industry with unbiased feedback and reviews on printers. We may be the only bias-free consultancy and testing facility in the world. Whether the solution is a desktop unit, an industrial machine or even a custom-built printer, we guarantee we'll find the right solution for you and your team. Send a printer inquiry via email to:

Open platform technology is key to the building the best solutions in additive manufacturing.

- Haleyanne Freedman, Market Manager

Why M. Holland?

EXPERIENCE. We are the leading thermoplastics distributor in North America, for 70+ years. We know thousands of manufacturers of every size and know how to help you succeed. We specialize in applications for plastic injection molding, blow molding and other plastics processors. We are the only 3D experts with this background.

TALENT. We have the talent, space and resources to help manufacturers innovate with 3D. We have a combined 20 years of 3D experience on our team.

OPEN SOURCE. As unbiased consultants, and open platform, we find the best solution for you.

FULL SUITE OFFERING. We are your full resource for materials, printers and all things additive, whether you need contract production services or want to bring 3D in-house.

BROAD PERSPECTIVE. Our real-world experience benefits customers of all sizes and adoption stages. We innovate WITH you. We can bring immediate results through collaboration.

Ask about our consulting services and initial, free consultation: